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Girl Scouts

Girl Scouts

Looking to find an activity to have fun and spend your cookie money? A unique and creative activity for a bridging ceremony or a girl scouts camp activity? We will be there. We are a 100% mobile company so we come to you. So let’s start imprinting!


  • A unique, creative and colorful activity
  • Every impressionist leaves with their own master piece, imprinted with their style they can wear and flaunt.
  • Your team will get to choose their own colors, use the tools they want to use and create a one of a kind design, which will be their own. Lots of room for creativity
  • Every design is unique and reflects the impressionist personality.
  • Use it to accessorize your outfit or use it as a table runner or wall hanging, or just because.

Pricing varies based on the item you choose. Our prices start at $30.00 per impressionist for girl scouts. All girl scouts programs receives 20% discount on our retail prices. Our prices include materials and instructions and travel within a 10* mile radius from the center of Fairfax county The total time of the party will vary based on the number of attendees. We normally take 1.5 hrs to work with a group of 10-12 impressionist. We require a minimum of 20 impressionist to reserve a party. If this event is going to be paid by the troop funds, by 1 person, we take $100.00 as a deposit to hold your date and time, which will be deducted from your total on the day of the party. If this event is going to paid individually by the girl scouts in the troop, then we will not take any deposit, but we will set up your event and send you a link with your eventid , so that you can send it to your troop to preselect and pay for their fabric on which they will imprint their style

*For travel beyond the 10 mile radius, we charge $3.00 per mile. Mileage is calculated based on google map directions.

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    Terms and Conditions for party bookings

     If this event is paid by 1 person and you pay the $100 deposit, then the $100 deposit will hold your date and time, which will be deducted from the total on the day of the event

    If you are just setting up an event, please make sure that your attendees pick out their items atleast 2 weeks in advance. 

     There is a minimum of 20 impressionist for the event.

     The cost per impressionist includes the cost of all materials, instructions and travel to the location within 10 miles radius from the center of Fairfax county. Every mile after that will be charged at $3.00 per mile.

     There is a 15% gratuity that will be automatically added for the party hostess. You are welcome to add any additional tips in addition to this tip.

     In case of the bad weather, we will be reschedule your event to a later available slot that is convenient to you

    No refunds for individual cancellations in a group, However, you could always let one of your group members work on your piece.

     Cancellations prior to 14 days of the event date, will be refunded the deposit minus $5.00 for administrative expenses. This is only for deposits and not individual purchases. 

     Cancellation within 14 days of the event date will not receive any refunds.